Social Responsibility

NOVATEK attaches considerable importance to social policy and charity. The Company pays close attention to projects intended to support culture, preserve and revive the national values and intangible legacy of Russia, promote and integrate Russian art in the international cultural space, as well as advance “sports for all” and “high-performance sports”. NOVATEK enters into agreements with local regional governments where it operates and implements programs to facilitate improvement in local populations’ living standards and preserve the distinctive cultural identity of the Far North indigenous peoples.

In 2015, NOVATEK and its subsidiaries directly invested approximately RR 1 billion in charitable, cultural and educational projects and activities to support the Far North indigenous peoples.


Cooperation with the regions

During the year, the Company invested funds in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, and the Leningrad, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, and Samara Regions under social agreements reached with regions where the Company maintains operations. The Company allocated funds for repairs and upgrades of social infrastructure facilities, financing of educational, cultural and  children and youth programs and projects, and provided support to low-income families, disabled and elderly people.


Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples of the Far North

NOVATEK provided financial support to the “Yamal for Descendants” association and its district branches. We assisted indigenous peoples through financing arrangements for purchasing equipment and goods required by fishermen and reindeer herdsmen, as well as fuel for air delivery of the nomadic population and food in remote areas.

In addition, the Company provided the following sponsorship in 2015:

  • Nadym district - for organizing and holding the Open Reindeer Herders Contest for the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region Governor's Cup, as well as for building a kindergarten for 50 kids in the village of Nori;
  • Tazovsky district - for the construction of a gym and a ski lodge in the village of Gyda;
  • Yamal district - for giving medical treatment and financial aid to the persons among the indigenous minorities of the North who faced various hardships, as well as for targeted training programs for indigenous minorities; and
  • Purovsky district - for supporting the local movement to protect the rights and interests of indigenous population.


Educatonal Programs

NOVATEK continued to develop and support the Company’s continuing education program, which provides opportunities to gifted students, from the regions where we operate, to further their education at top rated universities, participate in NOVATEK internships and, upon completion of their studies, possible employment with the Company.

Recruitment and career guidance for promising employees start with the “Gifted Children” program implemented at School No. 8 in Novokuybyshevsk and School No. 2 in Tarko-Sale.  In 2015, the “Gifted Children” class was opened in Tyumen lyceum №81. Special classes are formed on a competitive basis from the most talented grade 10 and 11 students with above-average test scores.

The Company also implemented two “Grants” programs for schoolchildren and teachers living in Purovsky District of the YNAO.

The “Grants” program for schoolchildren is aimed at academic and creative development and encouraging a responsible attitude towards studies. Under the program, students in grades five (5) through 11 are awarded grants from the Company.  In 2015, the Company awarded 57 grants to students under this program.

The “Grants” program for teachers is intended to raise the prestige of the teaching profession and create favorable conditions for developing new and talented teachers. In 2015, six (6) teachers from the Purovsky District received grants under this program.

In an effort to create conditions for more effective use of university and college resources in preparing students for future professional activities, the Company developed and successfully implemented the NOVATEK-VUZ program. The program is an action plan for focused, high-quality training for specialists with higher education in key areas of expertise in order to grow the Company’s business and meet its needs for young specialists.  The program is based at the National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines), Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in Moscow and the Tyumen Oil and Gas University.

The Company provides additional monthly payments to students in these programs who have passed their exams with good and excellent results. During their studies, the students are offered paid field, engineering and directed internships. This experience allows them to apply the knowledge obtained at lectures and seminars to real-life situations and gain experience in the professions they have chosen, while the Company receives an opportunity to meet potential employees.


Support of Cultural Traditions

The strengthening of partnership relationships between the Company and Russia’s leading cultural and educational institutions, creative groups and charity funds continued in 2015, namely the Russian State Museum (St. Petersburg), the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Jewish Museum & Tolerance Centre and the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (Moscow House of Photography).

The Company continued its partnership with the Imperial Gardens of Russia, an annual international festival organized by the Russian State Museum. Supported by NOVATEK, the Multimedia Art Museum hosted such exhibitions as “"Russia. The twentieth century in photos. 1946-1964", "Antarctic. History. Antrectomy”. Moscow Museum of Modern Art held the solo exhibition of Peter Weibel, the Austrian artist and media art theorist.

In the reporting year, the Company became a first-time partner of the Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center and supported the exhibition of one of the world’s most acclaimed modern sculptors Anish Kapoor, who presented his works at the Sixth Moscow Biennale of contemporary art.

NOVATEK became a partner of the Federal Arctic forum "The Arctic Days in Moscow", organized by the Ministry of natural resources and environment of the Russian Federation. The forum hosted the II International scientific conference "The Open Arctic", "The Business climate in the Arctic" business session, as well as multimedia exhibition "the Arctic", presented at the Museum of Moscow.

NOVATEK also continued as a General Partner of the Moscow Soloists Chamber Ensemble led by Yuri Bashmet.


Sports Projects

NOVATEK continued its support for popular and high-level sports programs. The Company, its subsidiaries and joint ventures organize regular tournaments in some of the most popular sports, including football (soccer), volleyball, swimming to name a few. The Company continued its long-term partnership with the NOVA Volleyball Team (Novokuybyshevsk). In 2015, NOVATEK also was a General Partner of the Russian national football team and supported the Russian Federation of acrobatic “rock and roll”, the Student Basketball Association, the Figure Skating Federation of Russia and the Hockey Federation of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous area.


The Company continued its cooperation with Chulpan Khamatova’s “Gift of Life” charitable foundation in 2015. Jointly with the foundation, NOVATEK held two sessions at its Moscow headquarters whereby the Company employees donated blood for the children treated in the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital.
The “All Together” volunteer movement founded in 2008 carried on with its activities. The movement focuses on supporting orphans, children with various diseases, and the elderly as well as promoting blood donation.